About Us


We have a happy, caring staff. We promote preventative dental care so that you can avoid costly emergency dentist visits. With a vision of dental wellness and a healthy, bright smile for each of our patients, we provide clear plans to reach your goals while keeping your best interests in mind. You will never be subjected to too little or excessive dental care. It is our goal for you to enjoy a healthy smile for years to come.We inform our patients of the different dental treatments available in our office, and help the patients make the correct choices for the circumstances.  We accept many insurance policies and work with many patients for their needs.


Dr. Patrick Discepola is a member of the American Dental Association with over 30 years of experience. He graduated from Fairleigh Dickenson’s dental school in 1983 and opened up his own dental practice with a special emphasis on family & cosmetic dentistry providing preventative maintenance & restorative dental health care.  It is because of Dr. Discepola’s dedication to improvement and growth in a variety of dental technologies, treatments, and procedures that our West Long Branch area dental patients receive the finest, most modern, and efficient general and cosmetic dental care available today.  His faithful patients are a testament to the quality of care and concern he gives to each person that sits in his chair.


Michele graduated hygiene school in New York City over 25 years ago.  She takes into consideration the needs of each and every patient & adjusts their treatment & home maintenance accordingly.  She is gentle but thorough and excellent with children as well.  She has a strong emphasis in periodontal care.  In 2009 she was lucky enough to work side by side with Dr. Discepola.